The DreamSpace Experience

DreamSpace™ is an immersive experience where participants engage the brilliance of their dreams and imagination to co-create the lives they truly want.


An immersion integrates “eyes-open” activities, involving creative expression, with “eyes-closed” activities, such as meditative visioning and nighttime dreaming. Our holistic process for engaging the imagination through both the waking and dreaming states helps each participant tune into what his or her soul really wants, unleashing a wellspring of creativity and passion.

By weaving together the participants’ dreams and imaginings, the group produces a shared vision that inspires and guides them. The experience of engaging and sharing their inner brilliance builds the trust, skills and collective intelligence necessary to evolve the vision and collaboratively bring the vision to life.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.
– John Lennon

DreamSpace offers both onsite and online events for organizations and communities. In our new project, called Vibrant Planet, we are extending the DreamSpace experience to global community of online participants.  For more, please go to Events.