A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.
~ John Lennon

Our Team

Anthony Colombo
Founder & CEO

At an early age, Anthony began having visionary nighttime dreams – which guided him on a decades-long path of mentoring with indigenous spiritual elders, studying human consciousness and researching dreams. As a University professor, Anthony taught media production and ethics. His company, MediaFusion, produced award-winning educational, cultural and environmental software. In 2008, he launched Imaginariums – multiday group events for people in communities and organizations to engage their nighttime dreams and imaginations in creative visioning, personal growth and team collaboration. Since 2012, Anthony has focused on empowering dreamers from around the world by providing dream mentoring, online events and dream cinema productions.

Jacob Devaney
Director of Online Events & Social Media

Jacob Devaney is the founder of Culture Collective – a media production network that creates socially enriching art & media with a focus on encouraging positive global action towards a better future. He is also a co-founder of Unify.org, which facilitates internationally synchronized meditations and global awareness campaigns with over 12,000 event organizers worldwide. His numerous blogs about health, consciousness, and art appear in Huffington Post, Medium, and Uplift Connect. As a creative person with an affinity for cross-cultural collaboration Jacob is profoundly moved by the power of dreams and has even authored a children’s series of media encouraging children to explore the endless depths of wisdom that resides in their dreams.

Daniel Deslauriers
Dream Content Specialist & Event Advisor

Daniel is professor of Transformative Studies at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) in San Francisco and former chair of the East-West Psychology Program. He teaches courses on consciousness studies (especially dreams), arts-based research, and multiple ways of knowing. He co-authored Integral Dreaming: A holistic approach to dreams (SUNY Press, 2012). He shares his work on dreams locally and internationally (Canada, France, Taiwan, Indonesia). Daniel is a somatic practitioner (Unity in Motion) and an avid student of contact improvisation.

Joel Goldblatt
Operational & Financial Advisor

Joel is the Founder and CEO of Bluenergy SolarWind – an innovative renewable energy company that maintains over 120 patents in their portfolio. As a serial entrepreneur, Joel spent 30 years successfully commercializing renewable energy technologies. He founded and led media, telecom & solar companies, including LightPath Technologies and Solaria Corporation. LightPath had a very lucrative exit through an IPO in 1996. Solaria has raised over $150 million and is manufacturing its low-concentration solar arrays in California and India. Joel is a pioneer in the renewable energy industry, and a passionate contributor to socially responsible enterprises.