About Anthony

Anthony Colombo, the founder of DreamSpace, helps groups of people to transform their lives by engaging the inherent creative brilliance of their nighttime dreams and imaginations. During his Dream-In events, participants craft a collective intention or incubation for their dream-time. The next day, their dreams and creative ideations are woven together into a shared vision for the group. Since 2008, Anthony and his team of Dream-In facilitators have conducted Dream-Ins for numerous communities and organizations. Anthony has mentored with lucid dreaming research pioneer Fariba Bogzaran, PhD, and dream studies professor Daniel Deslauriers – a previous Dream-In facilitator. 

In 2015, Anthony’s organization DreamSpace piloted the Vibrant Planet Dream-In – an online event for people to dream, imagine and create a vibrant life for themselves and the planet. The event gathered over 800 worldwide participants. To support future participants in an ongoing way, Anthony is currently developing VibrantPlanet.com – an online dream community. VibrantPlanet.com and Dream Cinema development builds upon Anthony’s decades of experience in developing software systems, producing digital multimedia and teaching interactive multimedia design, production, and ethics courses at the University of Arizona.

The Current Crisis

Hi I’m Anthony Colombo, founder of DreamSpace. On my life’s path, I’ve encountered many people who share similar concerns and fears about our future. Some find it hard to imagine a positive outcome. This is compounded by the fact that many of us are struggling with our own internal challenges and feelings of hopelessness, despair and grief about the future.

My Realization

I have come to realize that these feelings and challenges that each of us experience are the essential starting point for creating a profound global transformation. Experiences we feel deeply, and outcomes we truly care about, have the greatest capacity to influence our nighttime dreams, inspire our imaginations and cause us to connect with others to make the necessary transformations in the world. It all begins from within.

In my experience of conducting onsite and online dream groups, participants go from saying that they hardly remember their dreams to having a profound dream that directly relates to what they care deeply about, and what they intentionally dream incubated the night before. To get you started on your path to dream mastery, I am providing a free Dreaming Together How-to Guide.

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A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.
~ John Lennon