Dream Cinema

Imagine someone on social media sharing:
 “I rode on the back of a whale in my dream! Check me out in this epic movie on VibrantPlanet.com.”

Vibrant Planet participants will be the scriptwriters and co-producers of immersive 3D dream-movies. These community-created movies will be assembled by a team of digital artists, who use a custom multi-application software system to rapidly recreate a compelling visual and aural experience of being immersed in a big dream.

For the software, we’ve already completed development of an advanced geometric data structure generator, that can abstract any 3D object into a more dream-like representation.  This abstraction layer provides a basis for creating our core dream cinema effects, which are driven by a custom user interface (UI). The UI includes felt-state interface sliders capable of applying effects to the entirety of the scene or to specific characters and objects within it.  Each slider moves between its dialectic or dyad, i.e. loss–love, fear–courage, confusion–clarity, etc.  Read more about dialects of dreaming here.

UPDATE: We received just over half of the funds necessary to complete the Dreaming Together video series. The writing of the video scripts for the series is complete, and we are making significant progress in the development of the Dream Cinema 3D engine that will be used extensively throughout the videos

The Dreaming Together Videos Campaign

For more, please read the article Dreaming Together for a Vibrant PlanetHow to engage your nighttime dreams and imagination in answering the call of our time.

The Current Crisis

Hi I’m Anthony Colombo, founder of DreamSpace. On my life’s path, I’ve encountered many people who share similar concerns and fears about our future. Some find it hard to imagine a positive outcome. This is compounded by the fact that many of us are struggling with our own internal challenges and feelings of hopelessness, despair and grief about the future.

My Realization

I have come to realize that these feelings and challenges that each of us experience are the essential starting point for creating a profound global transformation. Experiences we feel deeply, and outcomes we truly care about, have the greatest capacity to influence our nighttime dreams, inspire our imaginations and cause us to connect with others to make the necessary transformations in the world. It all begins from within.

In my experience of conducting onsite and online dream groups, participants go from saying that they hardly remember their dreams to having a profound dream that directly relates to what they care deeply about, and what they intentionally dream incubated the night before. To experience the empowerment of collective dreaming, all participants need are simple dreaming techniques and a shared group intention, that they all care about.

Addressing the Need

Our dream-in event revealed the widespread need to educate people about how to use their dreams and imaginations to individually and collectively create the lives they want. This need is not surprising given the absence of dream-related educational media that is captivating, easily understood, and made with high production value. Also, the Dreaming Together videos will be the first to provide guidance on how to collectively dream at the planetary-scale, and on how to dream and imagine collaboratively in an online community.

The videos in the series are:

  • Incubating, Recalling and Recording Dreams: provides basic dreaming techniques, including how to incubate or intentionally engage your dreaming mind for specific purposes
  • Keys to Having Big Dreams: discover how to have big dreams that can inspire and guide your life
  • Collaborative Planetary Dreaming: prepares you for the exciting opportunity to dream with others during our Vibrant Planet Dream-in events
  • Bringing Dreaming to Life: shows you how to share your dreams and imagination in an online community, where we focus on creating a vibrant life for each other and the planet

All videos will be free to those who subscribe to our mailing list.