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The Current Crisis

Hi I’m Anthony Colombo, founder of DreamSpace. On my life’s path, I’ve encountered many people who share similar concerns and fears about our future. Amidst the issues of environmental destruction, social violence and rampant greed, it’s hard to imagine any positive outcomes. Issues like these are compounded by the fact that many of us are struggling with our own internal challenges and feelings of hopelessness, despair and grief about the future.

My Realization

I have come to realize that these feelings and challenges that each of us experience are the essential starting point for creating a profound global transformation. Experiences we feel deeply, and outcomes we truly care about, have the greatest capacity to influence our nighttime dreams, inspire our imaginations and cause us to connect with others to make the necessary transformations in the world. It all begins from within.

In my experience of conducting onsite and online dream groups, I’ve witnessed people go from saying that they hardly remember their dreams to having a profound dream that directly relates to what they care deeply about, and what they intentionally dream incubated the night before. To experience the empowerment of collective dreaming, all participants need are simple dreaming techniques and a shared group intention, that they all care about.

The Dream Team Story

Decades ago, it became painfully clear to me just how devastating our modern-day worldviews and lifestyles are to the natural world. Because I cared so much about nature, I began having visionary dreams that explored solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, like the eminent death of a whale and the looming extinction of all life on earth. These extraordinary dreams inspired me to research nighttime dreaming, while continuing a career of producing educational environmental media, and teaching multimedia production and ethics as a university professor.

My dream research, along with the experience of participating in dream groups, gave me the foundation to develop onsite “Dream-In” events, where participants engaged their dreaming minds and imaginations with intentions of personal and collective transformation.

The Dream-In events further evolved after Dr. Daniel Deslauriers, a dream studies professor, joined the DreamSpace team and brought his expertise and new techniques to our Dream-In process. Eventually, it became clear that none of our individual or group dreams for the future could come true unless we address the larger planetary-scale concerns humanity faces. This led us to bring on my long-time friend Jacob Devaney, who facilitates internationally synchronized meditations and global awareness campaigns with over 12,000 event organizers worldwide. With the addition of Jacob’s skills and network, the DreamSpace team piloted the first global Vibrant Planet Dream-In event. (team bios here)

Addressing the Need

Our dream-in event revealed the widespread need to educate people about how to use their dreams and imaginations to individually and collectively create the lives they want. This need is not surprising given the absence of dream-related educational media that is captivating, easily understood, and made with high production value. Also, the Dreaming Together videos will be the first to provide guidance on how to collectively dream at the planetary-scale, and on how to dream and imagine collaboratively in an online community.

The videos in the series are:

  • Incubating, Recalling and Recording Dreams: provides basic dreaming techniques, including how to incubate or intentionally engage your dreaming mind for specific purposes
  • Keys Having to Big Dreams: discover how to have big dreams that can inspire and guide your life
  • Collaborative Planetary Dreaming: prepares you for the exciting opportunity to dream with others during our Vibrant Planet Dream-in events
  • Bringing Dreaming to Life: shows you how to share your dreams and imagination in an online community, where we focus on creating a vibrant life for each other and the planet

All Dreaming Together videos will be made available for free to those who join our mailing list.

Usage of Initial Campaign Funds

The initial $15,000 received covers the first video’s production and promotional costs, which include:

  • Project Management & Video Directing
  • Scriptwriting & Content Specialist Editing
  • Video/Sound Editing
  • 2D/3D Animation & Video Effects
  • Studio Videography
  • On-screen Talent & Narration
  • Networking & Promotion
  • Stock Footage & Stills
  • Stock Audio
  • 3% Transaction Fee on $15,000
  • 5% Project Contingency

Empower Humanity to Dream Together!

When we empower ourselves to dream together, there is nothing we can’t do! Any contribution that you give will mean the world to me and my team, and even a small contribution will help a lot. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration, interest, and support.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.
~ John Lennon

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