The Grand Canyon Dream

In this dream from over 20 years ago, I’m down in the Grand Canyon with my friend Mike Senn. We are aware that some developers want to damn the canyon, and that if they do, the planet will die. We fight the developers for several days by engaging organizations like the Nature Conservancy and the Audubon Society. Mike and I stay in the canyon directing a team of runners who deliver information to and from the outside world.

One day a runner returns to tell us that it’s over. They’re going to damn the canyon and we should leave now. A feeling of the most deepest anguish intensifies in me, and I drop to the earth crying – “I give my life to you!” Then, two entities appear, seemingly from the stars or another dimension. They are human-sized transparent ovals formed by love itself. With the supreme presence of pure love connecting us as one, they telepathically convey the following message:

“Forget everything you think you know. We can heal anything in an instant”


I am teleported to a stage in a large auditorium with hundreds of people. I feel this excitement build inside me, as I repeat to the crowd, “Forget everything you think you know, we can heal anything in an instant”. Then I notice terror on their faces, and the twins now 60 feet high appear on either side of the auditorium. Their size now represents the combined healing capacity of everyone in the auditorium. They form an arc of energy between them that engulfs us. The looks on peoples faces turn to pure elation as we all start flying toward the ceiling.

This thought comes to me: “Since I’m their representative, I’ll get to the ceiling first.” As I take the superman pose, the feeling in my solar plexus, that is causing me to fly, diminishes. I notice another guy getting to the ceiling first. The twins convey to me something like, “You are not ready to represent us. You have more work to do on yourself.”

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