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Bring the brilliance of your nighttime dreams and imagination to life! Join the community creating cinematic dreams for our vibrant future.

Most people are unaware of how to incubate or intentionally engage their dreaming minds for specific purposes. Vibrant Planet participants can freely learn dream incubation, for the purpose of realizing positive transformations within themselves and in the world.

Development of Vibrant Planet arose partly out of the need to support our global Dream-In participants, who collectively incubated their dream-time, then shared their dream experiences online. In the future, these shared experiences will become key script materials for guiding the Vibrant Planet movie production team. The team and community participants will weave together immersive cinematic dreams that capture our individual and collective journey to a more life-affirming future.

Vibrant Planet Dream-In

During the nights of the Dream-In, we engage the creative brilliance of our nighttime dreams with a shared intention to create a vibrant life for ourselves and the planet. Each dreamer responds to our shared intention with their own unique dream experience of our collective dream.

We have not yet announced a date for the next Dream-In event because we are focusing on taking Dream-Ins to the next level by developing and our dream cinema production capacity. Please subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll notify you of the next Dream-In or any other significant developments and exciting announcements.

Vibrant Planet Mailing List

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