The Vibrant Planet Dream-In

Imagine if we globally engage the brilliance of our
nighttime dreaming minds in creating a vibrant future.

To make this future a reality, we're inviting everyone to
our next Vibrant Planet Dream-In.

During the Vibrant Planet Dream-In, we engage the genius of our dreamtime with a shared intention to create a vibrant life for ourselves and our planet.

Each dreamer responds to the intention with their own unique experience of our collective dream.

Our dream continues as we share and explore experiences online. We’ll use our imaginations to weave each other’s experiences into a cinematic movie that captures the challenges, transformations and discoveries on our path to a more vibrant future.

When you sign up below we’ll notify you before our next Vibrant Planet Dream Dream-In. For more about the dream-In and related DreamSpace social media, please visit our DreamSpace Facebook page.

In our first dream-in, over 800 people from 40 countries participated. That event helped us to develop a framework for planetary dreaming that we will be sharing in the free video series called Dreaming Together.

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