Dreaming Together for a Vibrant Future

The vast majority of solutions to our planetary crisis focus on how to improve the world through external activities, like developing green technologies or attending a climate march. While external actions are essential, what if we also focused on internally improving ourselves as human beings, and hence improving our collective capacity to create a more … Read more

The Dream of Climate Change

The deeper I look into the sheer magnitude and speed of climate change, the more I begin to doubt our ability to respond in time. Feelings of dread and grief are common to those of us who look directly at the research and the reality of what is currently unfolding on our planet. When it becomes too … Read more

You Have a Prayer for It?

There we were driving on a dirt road in the middle of the Navajo (Diné) reservation.  Three white guys and our Diné friend, Cayce Boone, on our way to meet with Cayce’s Grandfather, Dan Chee. Off in the distance we see a man riding his horse at a brisk gallop.  He keeps pace with our … Read more

Anthony’s Prophetic Whale Dream

I have always told this story orally, as in the tradition of the elders that I have worked with, but now the time has come to write it down. In 1990, I had one of the most incredible dreams of my life. When I awoke my whole being was radiant with joy and this voice said, “try … Read more

The Grand Canyon Dream

In this dream from over 20 years ago, I’m down in the Grand Canyon with my friend Mike Senn. We are aware that some developers want to damn the canyon, and that if they do, the planet will die. We fight the developers for several days by engaging organizations like the Nature Conservancy and the … Read more

Why Sleep When You Can Dream Awake?

You have inherent creative brilliance. Just look at your natural capacity to dream at night. Consider how phenomenal it is that your dreaming mind creates a multidimensional imaginal reality that evolves as your awareness interacts with it! The emergent, nonlinear synthesis of the dreaming mind contrasts with the predominantly linear thoughts of the waking mind. Even … Read more

Awakening the Vibrant Dream of the Soul

Within every soul lives an innate yearning to thrive. It’s what moves us to pursue our dreams, to improve ourselves and share our gifts with the world. This innate calling also inspires every element of nature to grow and evolve together. A flourishing ecosystem emerges by virtue of each plant and animal following its unique calling and … Read more

Supernatural Hale Makua Dream

Hale Makua was a world-renowned Hawaiian kahuna.  He graced my life with his magnificent aloha and wisdom for the few years that I had the privilege of working for and learning from him. About a year ago, Mr. Makua appeared to me in a dream. He was imbued with supernatural vibrancy and mana. The dream occurred … Read more

The Numinous Zone

I am defining the numinous zone as a state of consciousness in which numinous (supernatural or spiritual) experiences occur.  It can be viewed as a highly dynamic state that gives rise to phenomenal shifts in one’s perception or abilities.  These remarkably unique experiences often have a spiritually palpable intensity that includes a heightened sense of awareness, a kind of clarity and awe that emerges from a more … Read more

Aquatic Preserve

Aquatic Preserve 21 x 60″ Sculpted canvas and acrylicArtists: STALLMAN – Stephen Stum SOLD – Private Collection


Nexus 48 x 48″ Sculpted canvas and acrylicArtists: STALLMAN –Stephen Stum Inquire about availability here

Walking On Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine 42″x72″ Sculpted canvas and acrylicArtist: STALLMAN – Jason Hallman SOLD -Private collection